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The Noize Lab is your one stop shop for all your Audio Tracking, Mixing and Mastering needs! We offer extremely HIGH QUALITY at an AFFORDABLE Rate! For more detailed information on what services we offer, click below!
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Audio Tracking

Located in the High Desert of Southern California, The Noize Lab offers full tracking for all your audio needs. With 12 simultaneous tracks available in a Pro Tools environment, powered by Apple Mac Systems. Click here for more info on our audio recording!



One of The Noize Lab’s Specialties is audio mixing and mastering! With over 8 years of experience as a mix engineer in studios in Southern California, we are able to offer high quality mixing with your PRE-RECORDED audio stems! Click here for more info on our audio mixing!

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Audio Mastering

Not to be confused with the mixing phase, mastering is adding that final “icing” to your already mixed and bounced down tracks! Do you have PRE-MIXED songs that you’re looking to get that “industry standard” sound with? Click here for more info on our audio mastering!

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Instrumental Production

With over 10 years experience with hip-hop and it’s many subgenres, Logickal Productions instrumentals, once only heard on select projects are now available for purchase, with both exclusive and lease options! Click here for more info on our instrumentals!

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